Galvanised Garage Doors

Exploring the Strengths of Galvanised Garage Doors

One term that often crops up in discussions about garage doors is “galvanisation.” But what does it mean for a garage door to be galvanised? And if so, what benefits does it bring? In this blog, we explain the benefits galvanising provides and uncover the reasons behind its popularity.

Understanding Galvanisation

Before delving into the specifics of steel garage doors, let’s understand what galvanisation is. It is a process that involves coating metal, usually steel, with a layer of zinc to protect it from corrosion. This is done through a chemical process or by dipping the metal into molten zinc, resulting in a protective zinc layer that acts as a barrier against rust, moisture, and other environmental factors that can degrade metal over time.

Are Garage Doors Galvanised?

Yes, garage doors are often galvanised, especially those produced by top manufacturers who utilise high-quality galvanised steel in the construction of up and over garage doors. The base metal is protected by a zinc coating, which serves as a barrier against corrosive elements. Additionally, all surfaces, including up to the cut edges, are covered with a polyester primer coating and a generous layer of powder-coat paint for added protection. Similar production methods are used for other door styles like side-hinged and sectional doors, with steel panels typically encompassing a foam filling for enhanced insulation. Manufacturers such as Garador and Hormann, known for their thick gauge steel, invisible welding, durable powder coat finish, and robust counterbalance lifting gear, offer a 10-year guarantee.

Additional elements

Top-tier models go beyond just the door panel when it comes to galvanisation. Another essential component of a garage door is the torsion spring. The torsion spring stores energy, creating torque that aids in the opening and closing of the door. Additionally, these springs can also have a zinc coating. The quality of the steel used is also crucial in providing the necessary structural strength for a garage door. High-quality up and over options are constructed around a frame, which acts as a boundary structure. This frame is made from high-grade galvanised steel, serving as a sturdy chassis that ensures a robust and stable door construction. Furthermore, galvanised steel braces are used to provide leaf reinforcement, enhancing the door’s stability.


When considering a garage door for your home, the question of whether it’s galvanised is an important one. It offers remarkable benefits, from enhanced corrosion resistance and longevity to reduced maintenance requirements. So, if you’re looking for a durable, low-maintenance garage door that can withstand the test of time, this cost-effective option might just be the perfect choice for you. Other materials are available including grp, timber, or aluminium.

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