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The table below focuses on guideline price ranges for the most common types of new garage doors we install across East Anglia. It’s noteworthy that these are based on the most reliable brands on the market which we have continuously researched as part of our quality control methods for over four decades. This also ensures we keep on top of the latest developments and innovations.


Up and over Single                          (Manual operation) £1150 – £1850
Double                (Automatic) £2600 – £3600
Sectional (Automatic) Single £2000 – £3000
Double £3000 – £5000
Roller (Automatic) Single £1800 – £3200
Double £2900 – £3900
Side hinged (Manual) Single skin steel £1800 – £2500
Insulated composite £2200 – £4000
Cedar £5500 – £7800


No two installations are the same.

We’re happy to give you initial garage door prices as guidelines. These are subject to a survey being undertaken by our own highly qualified professional experts. There is a very real purpose behind offering this high level of support. Aside from providing help for you to determine the size and type of door that is right for your home, the valuable insight you’ll receive can:

  • Advise on the best materials and features to choose which are best for insulation, security, and your lifestyle needs  
  • Help you avoid buying a door that is too big or too small which can be costly and time consuming to correct
  • Reduce long term costs post installation

For these reasons, we only install high-quality garage doors. The rationale for this is straightforward. They last longer and provide better long-term value compared to low-cost suppliers that cut ‘design and manufacturing’ corners. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the built-in high standards we readily promote can save you money in the long run. Proven experience of supplying and fitting garage doors since 1975 has shown that the cheapest isn’t always the best but the best value (not always the most expensive) can provide the greatest cost-benefit! That’s why we’ll always advise you to look at value before price. After-all garage doors are a relatively important purchase for your home, so helping you to make your investment go further is essential. It’s reason enough for us to be confident in offering you a 5-year workmanship guarantee and product warranties up to 10 years.

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Garage Door Prices – The Variables  

Door prices can vary based on multiple factors, including:

Size: A larger garage door will have a higher price due to the increased amount of materials required for its construction.

Material: Garage doors are typically made of steel, aluminium, wood, or GRP. Steel is the most affordable option, making it ideal for homeowners on a tight budget. Aluminium and GRP are slightly more expensive, while natural wood is the priciest choice. Some are supplied as insulated doors.

Design: The design of the garage door can also affect its price. Garage doors with intricate patterns or windows will generally cost more than those with simpler designs.

Operation Method: Manual garage doors are generally cheaper than electric ones. While electric garage doors offer convenience, they require a motor and wiring, which adds to the overall cost.

Installation: The installation cost can vary depending on the location of the garage door and the complexity of the fitting process.

Brand: Some garage door brands are more expensive than others due to the higher quality of materials and construction they use.

Please find below a list of approximate prices for various types of doors, including fitting (kindly note that these figures are intended as general guidance).  To obtain a more accurate price, which is contingent upon a free survey, please reach out to us via our online form or by calling 0800 048 0741.

How much is an up and over garage door?

Door type: Up & Over (Canopy)
Door position: In between fit
Operation: Manual gear with 2-point lock
Material: Premium grade galvanised steel
Door design: Horizontal rib
Colour: White
Size (mm): 2134 x 1981
Guide price (fitted): £1350
Door type: Up & Over (Canopy)
Door position: Back fit with new soffits and facia
Operation: Manual gear with 2-point lock
Material: Premium grade galvanised steel
Door design: Georgian panel
Colour: White
Size (mm): 2286 x 1981
Guide price (fitted): £1680

How much is a roller garage door?

Door type: Roller Shutter
Door position: In between fit
Operation: Right hand motor/internal override/full box/66mm guides
Material: CFC-free polyurethane foam filled aluminium
Door design: Smooth
Colour: White
Size (mm): 2280 x 2080
Guide price (fitted): £1950

How much is a sectional garage door?

Door type: Sectional
Door position: Back Fit with UPVC panel to underside lintel
Operation: Wireless push button
Material: Steel core and special foam insulation
Door design: Smooth
Colour: Cement grey
Size (mm): 2210 x 2125
Guide price (fitted): £ 2920

How much do side hinged garage doors cost?

Door type: Side Hinged 50/50 split
Door position: In Between fit
Operation: Manual
Material: Steel
Door design: Vertical rib
Colour: Steel Blue
Size (mm): 2134 x 2000
Guide price (fitted): £ 2250
Door type: Side Hinged 50/50 split
Door position: Back fit
Operation: Manual
Material: Cedar
Door design: Bakewell
Colour: Natural wood
Size (mm): 2240 x 2220 plus 70 mm frame
Guide price (fitted): £ 5500

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Here are some more important questions to ask  when considering what price you would like to pay:

How long will my new garage door last?

The following table provides a comparative snapshot of value v reliability based on discussions with homeowners and their supply and fit experiences of different types of automatic roller and sectional garage doors.

Is every garage door safe?

Your cheapest quote if a very low amount may mean that the supplier is offering a cheap alternative that has no CE mark, which hasn’t been safety tested, nor has a safety break, in the case of a roller garage door, or branded automatic controls.

Our top tip is to look for one that is:

  • CE Marked
  • Safety tested
  • Compliant with safety law

How secure are garage doors?

If your supplier say’s it’s secure, ask them if it is made to the Police Preferred Specification. If they say yes it will come with a valid certificate. If the reason for your purchase is to increase security in your home, then look for options which are:

  • ‘Secured by Design’ specification
  • Anti-lift
  • Able to block code grabbing on automatic doors

What experience does the installer have?

It’s fair to say that cheap doors generally need cheap labour. Installers are garage door specialists whose skills are a matter of great self-pride. They are engineers who value the importance of doing a good job. Ask your installer if they are:

  • Providing a workmanship guarantee
  • Fulltime trained professionals

Are you a supplier with 5 star reviews?

A quick glance at online reviews will also help you to separate the wheat from the chaff. It will be clear from what customers are saying about their experiences which suppliers place customer service central to their work. Always check these out first! You can see our reviews here

Do you provide after-sales support?

Regular maintenance of your garage door will help to ensure it continues to look great as well as operate safely and smoothly for years to come. Ask your supplier if they provide any after sales services to help you with this. Garage door care is highly recommended, for the longevity of the product. The best suppliers will offer servicing, maintenance, and repair as part of their solution.

Just by asking a few simple questions you will quickly appreciate that quality counts for a great deal along with the trust you place in your garage door supplier. Year after year, we’re regularly called upon to replace cheap low quality garage doors that have failed often after only one year, so if you want a garage door that will give you peace of mind for years to come and is backed by the best after-sales support choose Eastern Garage Doors.

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