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Driving high quality support to its limits.

What the client said:

“We were having difficulties trying to arrange the necessary works to convert our existing garage doors into a single, larger double door. Getting the necessary tradesmen lined up to do the garage door installation  (builders, electricians, door suppliers etc.) was proving almost impossible. We then found Eastern Group UK who took control of everything for us and undertook all of the necessary work over a single 24 hour period.  The whole experience was stress free and went perfectly according to plan.  We couldn’t have been more pleased with the process and the finished product.  Would recommend.”

The challenge:

Our customer in Cambridgeshire, needed to convert their double garage serviced by two single openings to a single double garage door that could satisfy their secure access requirements for parking two high end supercars. The site required a simplified garage door installation with a new lintel and a double automatic door which offered robust security compared to the existing set up.

The actual width gain by having this work carried out would enable the two cars to be comfortably parked inside the garage and make it easier to safely drive in and out.

Garage Door Installation – The solution:

Using a high-end garage door brand installed by Eastern Garage Doors, and our own approved installers the project was completed on time and in full at a time when the customer was having difficulty finding the necessary tradesman who could provide complete end-to-end, fully managed project support.

Eastern Garage Doors also visited the customers home to assess the project requirements, and, based on these early engagements, added value by delivering and fitting, in a relatively short timeframe, a new lintel and sectional garage door designed to help take full advantage of the space inside and in front of the garage for parking and manoeuvring.

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