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Front doors from around the world

morocco chefchaouen blue door

The front of your home should be approachable and inviting, sending a clear message of welcome to any visitors. Doors are the pathway into somebody’s home and while we have a fairly straightforward idea of what a front door should look like, globally there is a plethora of beauty and history to be found in […]

Why should I automate my existing garage door?

remote control garage door opener

Most manual garage doors are cumbersome to open and close, and sometimes when we’re struggling to lift our garage door, battling the wind and rain, the idea of sitting in our car and simply pressing a button to achieve the same result can seem very appealing. Automated garage doors can offer convenience to homeowners, as […]

My garage door won’t close – How do I fix it?

repair garage door

If your garage refuses to close, this could pose a risk to the security of your garage and all the valuable items contained within it, including your car. It’s security 101 to keep your garage door operating smoothly and without any hitches, so when a problem does arise, it’s important that you are able to […]

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