Smart door solutions

Smart Door Solutions for Enhanced Mobility

In an era defined by technological innovation and an evolving understanding of accessibility, the concept of future-proofing homes is gaining momentum in support of the aging and disabled population. An example of this can be seen in the work being done by the Housing Made for Everyone (HoME) Coalition, a partnership founded by nine organisations calling for the Government to raise building standards so that an ‘accessible and adaptable’ design standard is a mandatory baseline for all new homes. As we strive for inclusivity and convenience when creating living spaces, ‘barrier-free living” can help with mobility inside and outside the home.

The term future proofing encompasses the idea of designing and equipping homes with features that adapt to future needs. When it comes to mobility within the home, doors play a crucial role. Traditional doors, while functional, can present obstacles for individuals with disabilities, especially those using mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walkers. Hence, the evolution of smart doors has become instrumental in ensuring that homes are inclusive spaces.

man in wheelchair opening door with remote control

Hand remotes with holder for wheelchair

Smart door technologies encompass a range of features designed to improve convenience, security, and usefulness. Automatic door openers, for instance, enable individuals to enter and exit wide thresholds with ease. These openers can be equipped with motion sensors or controlled remotely via hand transmitters or smartphone apps, offering flexibility and independence to users. Equally so, convenient living can apply regardless of health reasons – handy when carrying full trays or shopping bags!

Moreover, incorporating features like proximity sensors further enhances the user experience, making it effortless to move from one room to the next. By embracing these advancements, house builders and home improvers can ensure that accommodation is functional as needs evolve.

Furthermore, garages often present unique challenges. Accessing a mobility scooter, for example, can be a daunting task. Traditional garage doors operated manually may require physical strength and coordination, posing barriers to entry for some.

However, developments in garage door designs have evolved to offer solutions that cater to diverse needs. There are features that can help. Some insulated sectional garage doors have an epdm bottom seal that closes against the floor creating an efficient seal without a raised threshold. Whilst side hinged options can have a thin strip instead of the small step seen on more established styles.

Side hinged door with thin strip threshold

Thin strip threshold

Strong and rigid, they can also be light and easy to open, and the door handle easy to operate (extensions can be added to these to provide more leverage). Doors can be configured with asymmetric leaves – with one a much smaller width than the other and perfect for nipping in and out of the garage in a wheelchair without needing to open both!

Home automation systems also allow users to operate garage doors remotely, through wireless wall buttons or fingerprint recognition. For individuals with disabilities, this means greater independence and convenience.

Lady controlling her garage door from inside the home

Home automation systems

Furthermore, features such as obstacle detection enhance safety, providing peace of mind, whilst Police Approved Designs can give homeowners not only improved accessibility but also elevate the overall security of a property.

In the quest for future-proofed homes, inclusivity should remain a central focus. Designing spaces that accommodate individuals of all abilities not only promotes equality but also enriches the lives of occupants. As technology continues to advance, the possibilities within the home are plentiful. By harnessing the power of smart door solutions, homeowners can create spaces that are not only future-proofed but also welcoming and inclusive for all.

Here are some more mobility aids that can be effective:


  • Single button easy press remotes
  • Motion sensors
  • Wider entryways (Wheelchair access)
  • Low profile thresholds
  • Easy use handles
  • Mobility APPs/Smartphone opening
  • Wall buttons
  • Flashing light for closing sequence
  • Soft close feature
  • Fingerprint swipe opening
  • Remote holders for wheelchairs or scooters
  • Key turners
  • Electric door release
  • Police approved designs
  • Insurance approved
  • Solar/Battery back up
  • Variable height viewers
  • Audible warning signals for closing sequence
  • Voice command opening from phone
  • Front door opening devices

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