Garage Conversions And Alterations


At Eastern Garage Doors, we provide garage door conversions and alterations, which provide you with the space, height or length (or both), that you need to make the most of your garage space. We also carry out fit out conversions whereby we insulate and dryline the walls and ceiling, provide specialist flooring and built in cupboards and shelving.

We can remove the central pillar on your garage, which widens the entrance space and increases the height and sometimes the length of the garage. We can also look at ways of increasing space without the need for lengthy building works.

Garage Conversion Service – Convert Your Garage Space!

 Garage alterations are extremely useful as most modern cars are wider nowadays, plus wing mirrors have increased in size, or in the instance that you own an unusually tall or wide vehicle since you can comfortably accommodate its size.

Our highly trained professionals are committed to ensuring you get the garage and doors you want and need. Our regional teams are highly trained specialists in all aspects of garage conversion and alterations.

Once the conversion or alteration is undertaken, we ensure we adhere to the highest possible standards, to ensure that we provide our customers with something that is not only practical but also stylish and durable for many years of reliable use.

We Convert You Garage Into A Gym, Office Or Any Living Space You Need!

Talk to us a today, and one of our expert customer service team would be happy to offer advice on all of your garage door conversion and alteration requirements.


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Improved Entryway

Installing the frame behind the brickwork can ease your entry

For easier access to your garage, we can install your garage door and frame behind the brickwork, providing more space and an improved entryway into your garage. This is ideal for wider vehicles, or those with difficulty accessing your garage with it’s current design.

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Increased Width

Increase the width of your garage by removing the central pillar on a double garage door

Our garage widening services extend to replacing the central pillar of your two single garage doors to create one large double garage door. The increased width provides improved accessibility and space, and allows for cars to manoeuvred in and out of the garage with ease. We include a range of services in this option, including improving the brickwork and structure, and repositioning lighting and sockets where required.

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Increased Height

A different variety of door can free up essential ceiling space

Our garage conversion services include increasing the height of your garage via our versatile range of garage doors. Ideal for homeowners looking to safely store a tall vehicle, 4x4, or even a motorhome, increasing the height of your garage allows you to rest assured that your vehicle can be parked and stored with ease.

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Increased Length

Doors mounted outside the garage entrance can maximise your floor space

By installing your garage door on the outside of your garage’s frame, we can help you to maximise the available space within your garage. Available using most garage door types, this option is ideal for those wanting to increase the length of their garage space.

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Create an Extra Room

Make the garage an extension of your home by installing insulation and security

For some, the garage provides an ideal space to create an additional room for the family to use, whether that’s as a gym, home office, or just an extra living room. We provide insulation and dry lining to help you create the ideal environment that’s welcoming to be in.

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