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Home Security: How Important Is Your Garage Door?

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As a homeowner you’re likely to be aware that during the winter months your home is much more vulnerable to burglary; in fact, the risk of being a victim of burglary rises by 63% at this time of year. It’s an unfortunate situation in which the dark and long nights give thieves the perfect opportunity to get their hands on the Christmas presents you’ve worked so hard to buy.

Home security is essential to protect your home, your family and your possessions against criminal activity. Here at Eastern Garage Doors we specialise in garage doors in Huntingdon and we urge homeowners to take steps to improve security before it is too late. Many of us don’t realise, however, how important our garage door is as part of our security.

Secure All Entry Points

You wouldn’t go to bed without locking your windows or doors and if your front door was broken, in the interests of security, you’d get it fixed immediately so why don’t we think of our garage door in the same way?

If your garage door is left unsecured or broken, this presents a criminal with an easy point of entry to your home. It’s essential that you keep your garage door locked and secure throughout the day and night.

Your Garage Door Could Be Attracting Attention

A criminal will always look for a vulnerable home that will be easy to enter without being detected and your garage door could be attracting criminals for this very reason. A dilapidated or broken garage door will make your home appear vulnerable and could, therefore, be seen as an easy target for criminals.

To reduce the risk of burglary, repair or replace your garage door; here at Eastern Garage Doors we have a range of great garage doors at affordable prices. It’s never been easier to replace your garage door and improve your home security.

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