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Are Your Old Garage Doors Increasing Your Bills?

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Your garage doors are something that you look at every single day. They might be getting on a bit but since they look ok, and you can get in and out just fine, then there’s no reason to replace them, right?

Wrong! While function is a pretty vital factor when it comes to garage doors, the fact that they are another entrance to your home means that your old garage doors can be having some negative impacts on a variety of your bills and home costs.

Energy Bills

Old garage doors may not meet current energy efficiency expectations and are often poorly insulated, sometimes designed to be as cheap as possible back when effective insulation was seen as an unnecessary expense.

Now thanks to recent advances in technology and our great prices, you can get a fantastically insulated garage door for your home that doesn’t cost the earth but will save you considerable amounts on your heating bills.

Maintenance Costs

The action on your up & over garage door might be feeling pretty stiff, or your automated garage door system might sometimes judder and need a bit of a kick to get going again, but this can end up being more than just a mild annoyance.

The older your garage doors the more you might find yourself maintaining them. Whether it’s painting wooden doors or having professional maintenance work done on your old automatic system, these costs can add up.

Insurance Costs

Now, this is a grey area as all insurance companies are different. But if, for example, you start parking your car in a garage as opposed to on the road or driveway due to having a more secure door then your car insurance company could reduce your premiums as a result. There’s no guarantee, but always shop around and find that best deal!

Thanks to our fantastic prices here at Eastern Garage Doors installing new doors doesn’t have to be an expensive venture, and they can make a massive impact on bills and home To discuss more of our options for garage doors in Huntingdon, just call us on 0800 230 0986 for a free quotation.


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